We all love shoes, bling, and bags. Accessories beautify the world and it’s not different with aerobics.

Aerobics accessories are fun and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other gym equipment. It’s a great way of rewarding yourself and to add new interest to your workout. Of course, accessories serves a practical purpose, but us girls are not always into all that practical nonsense, are we?

Just because we tend not to base accessory choices on practicality, it doesn’t mean we’re not educated. Let’s get the practical stuff of aerobics accessories out of the way so that we can focus on choosing between the pretty pink dumbbells and the microfiber towel with the embroidered inspirational quote.

Basic Aerobics Accessories

From an effectiveness point of view, though not strictly necessary, accessories can be used to amp up your workout exponentially. It is possible to get an effective aerobic workout without any accessories than those you already have at home.

Chances are you already have all you need, but because nothing says ‘I’m serious about start working on my fitness resolutions’ like a shopping spree, we’ll cover the basics you’ll need:

Towel: Unfortunately, breaking out a sweat is not as pretty as the accessories used to get there. You will need a towel. Small hand towels or specially sized fitness towels works best. Any old one you have will do but there are excellent high absorbency options available. And yes, they can be pretty.

Shoes: This is the one fitness accessory where practicality is highly important. Your regular pair of trainers will do, for a while. However, if you are serious about training and care about your body, high-quality shoes are very important. Aerobic shoes for women are an investment in your health.


Photo above: For guys, be sure to have comfortable athletic or aerobic fitness footwear.


Photo above: Same with ladies, and as well, you can look great with pair of aerobic exercise sneakers!

It’s a good idea to find someone who can assess your feet and way of walking and buy the best pair of trainers you can afford, accordingly. Shoes that offers support where you need it and are designed for the type of workout that you do, will help protect against injury and support your joints.

An exercise mat: For aerobics, an exercise mat will make floor exercises much more enjoyable. A wide variety of mats are available and you’ll have a range of thicknesses, materials, and sizes to choose from. If you don’t have a mat, you’ll get away with a folded towel instead of it.


Photo above: Similar to yoga and pilates professions, many aerobic exercises
can be done on a comfortable exercise mat!

Steps: The first rule of step aerobic equipment: It should be sturdy. You can buy a special aerobic step or you can use any sturdy elevated surface. The higher your step, the more intense your workout. Be careful not to overdo it – there is no use in being able to do the first few minutes of a class and simply be too exhausted to continue. Adjustable steps are a clever way of overcoming that little problem.


Photo above: Aerobic Exercise Step Platform can help with
take your foot step exercises to the next level.

Dumbbells: Nothing revs a cardiovascular workout up as much as adding a little bit of weight to it. Aerobic dumbbells should be small. The weight will feel like a joke at the beginning of the class but at the end, it will feel just about a hundred times the initial weight.

Choose your aerobic dumbbells for comfort. Make sure that the grip is small enough to fit your hand. Rubberized dumbbells are a lifesaver in an aerobics class. Make sure that your choice is easy to handle and that you feel comfortable moving around with it.


Photo above: Lightweight dumbbells that are used more
for aerobic exercises to help with body toning.

Aerobic ball: Those huge round bouncy balls can turn your tummy into small flat rock hard abs. It’s a great accessory for core workouts but can easily be used to exercise most muscle groups. Aerobic balls are available in different sizes but there is no need for having more than one. We prefer the large ones.


Photo above: Similar to yoga and pilates, again, many of the
aerobic exercise routines can be done on exercise balls.

Jumping rope: You’ve known these since Kindergarten and there’s not much to say that you haven’t known since then. The correct length still makes it easier. Only now you can also buy weighted ropes too. Jumping with a weighted rope takes a few minutes getting used to but you’ll be able to eat a bigger piece of cake afterward.


Photo above: Jump roping is a popular form of aerobic exercise that gets the heartbeat racing.

Inexpensive and Homemade Aerobic Accessories Alternatives

If you are looking for free and cheap alternatives for aerobic accessories and cardiovascular workouts, you probably have all you need lying around at home already.

A large towel can be folded to be used as a mat and it can be used as a strap to assist stretching. Old socks can be filled with beans – you can either use it instead of dumbbells or strap them around your ankles instead of sandbags. Canned food and water bottles work just as well as weights.

Any sturdy elevated object can be used as a step. You can even take a few old yellow pages, wrap them tightly with duct tape and use that. Just make sure to use enough tape so the pages won’t move when you step on it.

Stairs offer the perfect opportunity for extra cardio. The children’s hula hoop will have you all sweaty in a few minutes and when you are out of other options, good old PE exercises such as jumping jacks are still hugely effective.

Luxury Aerobic Accessories

There is almost no limit to the range of aerobic accessories available. Once you’ve covered the basics, you can resort to oh-so-lovely luxury items. Whether it’s printed tights, a blingy new mp3 player, a state of the art heart rate monitor or just another pretty crop top, you’ll find something that makes you look forward to your next workout.

Using accessories as a reward for achieving fitness goals is a clever way to keep yourself motivated. Because there are so many options available, you’ll never run out of treats.

Aerobic accessories can enhance your workouts but it’s an effective way of keeping it fun, too. Remember to keep your accessories updated: As you progress you may need heavier weights and higher steps to keep your workouts challenging.

Welcome to the bling and bags of the fitness world! We think you need both the pink dumbbells and the embroidered towel.

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